Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons w Joel Litwin
Drum Lessons w Joel Litwin

Joel Litwin is a skilled instructor and enjoys teaching all levels of students. He particularly enjoys helping drummers and non-drummers achieve their musical goals. He teaches drum kit (all levels), and percussion (afro-cuban, Brazilian, cajon).

“I see each student as unique. Everyone has different goals, ambitions, likes and dislikes. I like to use quality curriculum when appropriate, but also customize the lessons to match each student’s individual development. All my lessons include real-world info and tips to share everything I’ve learned in my lifetime of being a professional drummer.

“I’ve learned and continue to learn so much from other drummers and musicians, including my students. I just like to give back and assist and encourage other drummers and musicians to reach and exceed their dreams.

“For young folks, drumming is a tremendous discipline, one that teaches about hard work and focus and rewards, one that develops the brain and creativity, a visceral and physical activity, and one that contributes to a lifetime of learning and dedication. I just love drumming and enjoy sharing and hopefully inspiring that same feeling in others.”

Joel is on the faculty of Bellinghome School of Music in Bellingham WA, and also teaches privately, in-person and Zoom drum lessons.

Teaching drum kit & percussion, all levels (beginner to advanced). Myriad styles (rock, funk, jazz, latin, Brazilian, New Orleans, country, polka, et.al.)

Joel Litwin w Will Bernard
With Will Bernard & Arête Quartet.
Photo: Bruce Hamilton


• Beginning Drumming: How to play a basic rock beat in one day. Yes, you.
• Hand Development: Maybe the most fun thing in the whole world, and you don’t need drums to do it.
• Readin’, Writin’ & ‘Rithmetic: Using your left & right brains together for the first time. Worlds collide!
• Playing Along with the Hits: How to accompany your favorite (and least favorite) bands, without them knowing it.
• Drumming Beyond the Drums: Everything is a percussion instrument. Your family will love that.
• Rudiments: What they are and why they’re so dang important and do we really need FORTY of them?
• Speed Training: How to get faster and faster until you reach the speed of sound and then no one can actually hear you.
• Practicing, Always Practicing: With a good practice pad, you can be doin’ you some ratamacues while watching Netflix.
• How to Play Quietly: And why on earth you would want to do that.
• Playing Between the Notes: Brazilian, New Orleans, Afro-Cuban, Dilla beats & other styles that don’t line up with western notation.
• The 3 Most Important Components of Drumming: Time, Time & Time
• Accompaniment: How to approach a song and fit in with the other rhythms so your band won’t hate you.
• Drumming is Really Fun: Who knew?
• Bass Players: How to become their favorite drummer.
• The Metronome: Why is it always speeding up or slowing down? What is wrong with this thing?
• Guitar Players: How to get along with them.
• Drummer Jokes: What do they mean?

Lessons for true beginners (never played drums before), other-instrument players (guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, vocalists who want to learn some basic drum stuff), Elementary/Middle/High Schoolers (looking to be prepared for marching band, drum corps, jazz band, etc.), folks who want to work on specific aspects of drumming, people who want to be able to play percussion at a jam session, etc.