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Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, starting as a little kid with a Brownie camera, graduating to a Kodak Instamatic, then to a Pentax SLR and currently to a Nikon DSLR system.

To me, the type of camera doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as your knowledge of it and what you can do with it. I used to get some pretty good shots with my fixed-focal -length Instamatic, just by being familiar with the subject matter and positioning myself accordingly (meaning really close) for compelling shots. People are doing incredible things with their cell phone cameras nowadays, and I believe it’s more about knowing positioning and when to push the button than about most anything else.

I love trying to capture a moment, rather than just documenting a moment. By “capturing,” I mean a catching a special, unique moment that highlights the essence of the subject matter, and tells a story, evokes an emotion. These moments are fleeting and elusive, and that’s what makes it so special when they’re captured.

I believe it takes knowledge of your subject matter (tendencies and patterns), knowledge of your equipment (strengths and limitations, as well as technical prowess), enthusiasm, patience, and yes, a little bit of luck. I also believe that you can increase your luck through preparation and experience.

What Makes a Great Photo?

“Wait, wait, wait, wait… NOW!”

I must have thought these words a million times, while waiting to depress the shutter and take a photo. I know, in this digital age, you can just set your camera on rapid-fire and check your results instantly afterwards. I started photography back in the film days, though, and maybe because of the cost of processing or whatever, I’ve always been more careful and discerning of when I push the button. Part of the enjoyment for me is waiting for that exact right moment when the subject shows a wonderful side of themselves.

Of course, lighting, composition, contrast and perspective are all important and contribute to a good photo. But what makes it great, in my opinion, is the addition of drama, dynamism, and/or emotion. Those are the real elusive ones.

I really love photography and consider it a privilege to be able to practice it. Let me know if I can help you with any photography needs.

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