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Digital design is, simply put, any design meant to be interacted with on a digital device. With the omnipresent web being such a large part of marketing and promotion, I have produced many projects for artists and companies that involved digital design, including:

Digital Ads
Animated Ads
Email Newsletters
Electronic Press Kits (EPK)
Online Portfolios
Online Galleries
Landing Pages
Social Media Graphics
and more…

Graphic Design and Digital Design – What are the Differences?

Basically, graphic design is for print media and digital design is for the web. Although there is certainly overlap in skills, techniques and artistry, each medium has its own idiosyncrasies and conventions that are unique to that medium. A digital designer has to design for a wide range of variables, including different screen sizes, resolutions, devices, operating systems, browsers, email clients, etc.

What are the Challenges?

Digital design poses certain challenges not seen in print design. One of the bigger challenges, I think, is file size. It’s such a luxury to do print design and give the printer an enormous uncompressed .TIF or .PDF file, with no limits to its file size. Digital design is so different, in that every effort is made to keep file sizes low. Delicate balances must be made between quality, readability and file size.

Another challenge, especially in email marketing design, is the fact that viewers are using all different devices, browsers and email clients. While most modern browsers are playing nicely with designers nowadays, email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.) all display digital design differently and all strip out different parts of important code. It can be quite a magic act to design so that the design looks good on as many clients and browsers as possible.

Even with these minor challenges though, web & digital design is exciting, ever-changing, and of course, crucial to today’s marketing and promotion efforts.

I would be happy to discuss how I might assist in your web & digital marketing efforts.

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